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We're committed to maintaining the privacy of your personal information. We have adopted the following Privacy Policy to protect our users.

evote.us/Everyone Counts (“e3”) receive personal information only from author account holders who use e3 to run online elections and e3 users or election respondents. e3 does not directly monitor author use of the e3 system. Authors are bound by declaration of legal and reasonable use of the e3 system which includes these privacy requirements.

Authors, as required by their ballots, may collect personal information such as names, addresses, contact numbers, email addresses, digital signatures, membership or other identifying numbers, passwords or other personal codes or information which can be used in combination to collect information of a personal nature. Authors on the e3 system are forbidden from collecting financial information such as credit card numbers, credit card PIN numbers or other critical information which enables financial transaction authority or privileged security access to any other system. There is no information of this kind stored in the e3 system. Passwords to author and user accounts are kept internally in an encrypted form.

When you access a ballot created on the eLect system usage information is kept in logs such as date, time and name of the ballot your computer accesses. We collect your computer's IP address, the type of browser used and any other publicly available information your system provides. We provide authors the ability to set security to make random your IP address before it is recorded in the e3 system, to protect voter privacy. Details of site usage are only made public in summary form.

Authors may upload spreadsheets of personal information to generate user records on the e3 system to create user accounts. Such information might include a student number or staff number to serve as a username, or other personal information such as birth date or email address to serve as a password. The e3 system can issue passwords so the uploading of personal information to form a password is not always required. Authors may upload passwords already encrypted for use with the e3 system. This secures your password; all passwords are stored in an encrypted format and it is not possible to obtain the text of the password in its encrypted format.

Cookies are small files which are recorded on your computer when you visit our secure site. Cookies allow e3 to easily work when the same computer visited prior by giving you a unique ‘tag’. There are many kinds of cookies, some of which are written on your computer and reside there indefinitely. The cookies used by the e3 system are the simplest kind possible, as they are not written on to your computer's hard drive but reside in the computer memory for the duration of your session on e3. When you logout or close down your browser the cookie is erased. Using the same computer to visit e3 to complete an anonymous ballot twice with this system means that it is very difficult or impossible to associate the first submission with the second.

The personal details you provide to authors are held in strictest confidence. Authors cannot share personal information through the e3 system and are advised to download personal information off the e3 system as soon as is possible after their project is complete. Your submission to a ballot is recorded in two databases; one located at the site of the e3 server, and the other at our secure location. The second server is only accessible to e3 providers. Data is backed up to permanent media every two months. If your personal information has been downloaded and removed from e3 by the author that collected it, then it is no longer recorded anywhere. Access to e3 installations are monitored 24/7 and granted only to authorized personnel, and all systems are strongly configured against intrusion. e3 providers have remote access to these systems via encrypted connections.

We reserve the right to change these privacy guidelines at any time, but no changes will come into effect earlier than seven days after the changes are posted.

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